Activities in Tropoje and Valbone

Sondor Travel is one of the Albanian tour operators that has been offering walking tours to Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro starting from Aste Guesthouse, which is situated almost in the middle of these three countries. Sondor’s wide range of trips includes products such as: “Peaks of the Balkans” which is a cross regional walking route to Albania – Kosovo – Montenegro, which trails are spread on different areas, such as: Valbona Valley, Theth Valley and and Gashi River are tested and tried for years by tour local guides.

What it does differentiate Aste Guesthouse from the other accommodation operators in the region is the fact that it offers an important link between local tour guides who are raised in the Albanian Alps and tourists from all over the world. It creates a network of guides, assistant guides and walking routes who are the best you can find in the region. The assistant guides are locals and previously shepherds who know their mountains by heart, competent to make your walking a unique and authentic experience. In this way, it is ensured a higher level of security, keeping things under control and handling any unexpected challenges. Our clients have appreciated very much this fact as a great way of introduction into the local life.

Summer Adventures

At Aste Guesthouse you will have a unique possibility to have a wonderful walking experience done in an authentic way.

Walk to Mulliri i Gradit

This is a nice walk that you can do from the guesthouse. You start from there at go to the next village in the mountains, take a break near an old mill and come back to the guesthouse following the same or another route.

3 hrs. for free

Walk around the village

You can take a relaxing walk around the village of Tropoja. It is nice opportunity to meet with the friendly locals, to see cows, sheep, horses and more on their way home from the fields

1 hrs. for free

Snowshoeing in winter

If you are visiting the area in winter then we can offer you snowshoes so you can take a walk in the nearby mountains and enjoy the snow.

3 -4 hrs. for €10

Tropoje Village

Visit the small and quite village of Tropoja, a farming village with around 600 people.

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